A fireman has a few words for the fuel hoarders…

…and they are EXPLOSIVE:


But seriously, folks: Don’t hoard gasoline. And definitely DON’T buy it by the bagful. You’re not only driving the cost up and creating the very shortage you’re trying to mitigate, you could also be driving yourself (and anyone in and around your car) to an early grave. Cut back on your driving instead, and wait the whole thing out. Don’t be a fucklehead like this woman. Or this Hummer-humper.

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COVIDiots now wearing masks? WHAT???

Well, this is nuts, even for a bunch of absolute fucking nuts. David Doel breaks it down:

Here’s why that myth — not a fact, but a dangerous myth — is making the rounds:

A private school founded by an anti-vaccination activist in South Florida has warned teachers and staff against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it will not employ anyone who has received the shot.

The Centner Academy in Miami sent a notice to parents on Monday informing them of a new policy for its two campuses for about 300 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Teachers or staff who have already taken the vaccine were told to continue reporting to school but to stay separated from students.


The school’s website promotes “medical freedom” from vaccines and offers to help parents opt out of vaccines that are otherwise required for students in Florida.

Earlier this month, [school owner Leila] Centner criticized measures by the CDC to curb the spread of the virus, and said her school went against the guidelines from the moment it reopened in September.

“We did not follow any of the tyrannic measures that were in place. I did not force our kids to wear a mask,” Centner said while attending a “Health and Freedom” rally for a Republican candidate that featured supporters of former President Donald Trump and critics of public health restrictions in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The irony of people who rush to kiss the ass of a literal tyrant calling public-health and safety measures “tyrannic” [sic] should not be missed. People are dying daily over this kind of stupidity, which (also ironically) infected their own Dear Leader. And he himself caught it because he just couldn’t be arsed to take advice from anybody, not even the leading epidemiologists in the world.

These are not the best and brightest minds in the country, they’re the living embodiment of the whole “Florida Man” trope. They really have no business playing with the minds of children. Much less to the tune of $30,000US per child per year.

And some parents, at least, have seen the light and pulled their kids from the ridiculously expensive (and dangerous) “academy” as a result. At least in public schools, they’d stand some chance of actually getting an education, instead of a virus. (And it would be a bargain in terms of property taxes versus private tuition, too.)

Meanwhile, for those wondering, here’s why “vaccine shedding” is a myth:

The term “shed” was used frequently in the early days of the pandemic to describe people transmitting or emitting coronavirus particles. Scientists measure “viral shedding” to try to pinpoint at what point sick people are the most infectious.

“There is no way for a COVID-19 vaccinated person to “shed vaccine,” the Centers for Disease Control’s COVID-19 Clinical Team said in an email responding to Reuters questions.

“COVID-19 vaccines give instructions to teach our cells how to make a protein — or even just a piece of a protein — that triggers an immune response inside our bodies. After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them. The immune response, which produces antibodies, is what protects us from getting infected if the real virus enters our bodies.”

The team also stated the vaccines cannot cause people to shed the COVID-19 virus, echoing all the other experts Reuters spoke to, saying “COVID-19 vaccines do not use the live virus that causes COVID-19 and cannot cause COVID-19. Therefore, people who receive a COVID-19 vaccine cannot shed the virus or the vaccine.”

Many of the false posts attribute the “shedding” of vaccines to a “spike protein” in an apparent misunderstanding of how the vaccines work.

The mRNA vaccines “contain only instructions for making spike protein and are incapable of generating virus particles, so nothing can be shed,” said Dr Daniel Kuritzkes, chief of the infectious diseases division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, one of the world’s top teaching hospitals and part of Harvard Medical School, in a statement emailed to Reuters.

Likewise, the Johnson & Johnson (also referred to as Janssen) vaccine “is based on a replication-defective adenovirus, which means the adenovirus is incapable of reproducing,” he added.


Kuritzkes also pointed out that the mRNA vaccines are degraded within 24 to 48 hours. […] [T]hat means they disappear from the shot recipients’ bodies within a day or two. Similarly, the J&J vaccine “gets taken up into cells where it is injected, makes spike protein, and is degraded. It cannot disseminate to other tissues or be shed,” Kuritzkes said.

Louder, for the bozos at the back of the bus: IT CANNOT DISSEMINATE TO OTHER TISSUES OR BE SHED!


Meanwhile, here’s Dr. Zubin Damania, alias ZDoggMD (whom you really should follow), on the medico-scientific facts of coronavirus vaccines, what they do, and what they don’t do:

So, just to sum up: “Vaccine shedding” isn’t a thing. Virus shedding, by infected (and usually unvaccinated) individuals, is. And COVIDiots are still, well, idiots for believing that a vaccinated individual is going to make them sterile just by sharing the same breathing space with them, and dumber still for shunning the vaccinated (and thus exacerbating their own mental-health problems). But if they’re at least wearing masks now, ironically, it may be a case of two dumbs making a kinda-sorta smart. If they keep their masks on, and socially distance, and stop gathering in crowds of like-minded morons, they might just help stop the virus in its tracks, without meaning to.

Class dismissed!

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Quotable: Graham Greene on writers and privacy

“Writing is the most private of all the arts, and yet few of us hesitate to invade the writer’s home. We have all heard of that one caller from Porlock, but hundreds of callers every day are ringing doorbells, lifting receivers, thrusting themselves into the secret room where a writer works and lives.”

— Graham Greene, from “A Visit to Morin”

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Music for a Sunday: Say what?

Oh hey! Here’s Falco as a disgruntled newscaster. What’s he “reporting”? Well, here’s my (singable!) translation of the lyrics:

On the Run

Say what? Whatchoo say?

West Berlin, 1967
First impression: paddywagon
A roadblock against the madmen
Are you crusin’ for a bruisin’?
Well, we’ll serve you up a good one, aha
Corner, Joachimsthaler/Ku’damm — an “excess”
The last one to smell the gas
is the first to get due process
All Berlin is one big cloud
Everybody once again on the run
Out, ah ah
Out, ah ah
Out, ah ah
On the run

Zürich, Limmatquai, 1982,
All’s in order, nought’s in place
That’s an end to the disgrace
The taxpayers have won–
No more fires on the lakeshore, aha
The conclusion after 15 years:
You’ve got to keep control
Enjoy noble values
Watch where the monies flow
Throw the noisy rockers out
And renovate the opera house, aha

And as for public order,
Everything, thank god, ‘s in order
Just as if all by itself
’cause the strong hand always wins
Holds the fairytale together
And the crooks are on a tether, aha

As for the future, let me say,
Someone’s bound to come and ask
What the young voters are thinking
Of the powers that control them–
Heavy clouds and thunder-roar
And hey-hey, look who’s now once more
On the run…

So, what’s it all about? He’s comparing two sets of riots in German-speaking Europe, about 15 years apart, and what they mean in terms of what the authorities consider worthwhile (and what the people don’t).

The first broke out in West Berlin in 1967. It was a reaction against the Shah of Iran, whom the student protesters (rightly) called a bloodthirsty dictator and puppet to Anglo-American oil interests. He was in town for a night at the opera — Mozart’s The Magic Flute, as it happens; it was part of a state visit. The authorities smeared the students as “dangerous” and “crazy”. Never mind that a whole world war had been fought against fascism just a generation ago; now it was rearing its oily head again, as it had done back in the day, in reaction to young progressives making noises about justice. The demonstrations were brutally quashed by the German federal police and Iranian SAVAK agents working in concert, and a 26-year-old student, Benno Ohnesorg, was killed. The first lines here refer to “Grüne Minna” (“Green Minna”, German slang for a prisoner transport — comparable to the Anglo-American term for a paddywagon, “Black Maria”) and vast clouds of tear gas in the city centre as the “first impression” the Persian potentate must have seen on his way to the opera house.

The whole scene is representative of German student activism during the 1960s, or rather, of the way the state reacted to it — with repression and force, and dehumanization. Sensitivity? What’s that? They couldn’t even see themselves clearly amid all the tear gas. It looked bad on them to be hosting the Shah, and even worse when it transpired that they’d been working hand in glove with the dictator’s forces to repress dissent in supposedly “free” West Germany. So of course, they had to paint the protesting leftist students as “Spinner” — lunatics. That justified everything, from gassing to beatings to roundups and even murder.

This motif repeats itself in the second part, where the scene shifts to Zürich, Switzerland, 1982. There, the protest was, again, a student demo, this time against a huge allocation of taxpayer money (60 million Swiss francs) to — have you guessed it yet? — renovate the opera house. The city council authorized this expenditure in May 1980, while at the same time refusing to fund an autonomous youth centre. The students were outraged at this instance of bourgeois classism, as one might imagine. In May 1980, following a Bob Marley concert, a riot broke out in front of the opera house. Basel, Bern and Lausanne were all in uproar as well. It was later revealed that the state criminal police were surveilling the protesters and their movements. The scandal reverberates to this day.

There was more at stake than just the odd cultural building here or there; it was a question of whether the older folks wielding all the money and power really listened and gave a damn about what the younger adults wanted. And of course, they didn’t; hence the riots. The response from Zürich, as in West Berlin, was to put the protests down with violence. The autonomous movement was smeared as just a bunch of punks determined to shit the cultural bed — best gotten rid of, the sooner the better. And the crackdown, as in Germany, was out of all proportion to the protests themselves…

Never mind that Mozart and Beethoven were the punk rockers of their day, writing rebellious music that would later be enshrined as high art in the same opera house where the rock rebels of later years would be barred. The blinkered authorities couldn’t draw the parallels, and wouldn’t see that the great composers would, if anything, have sympathized with the young rebels rather than the old bourgeoisie trying to “preserve order” and uphold “noble values”. The hypocrisy is clear, as are the parallels, even 15 years (and longer!) apart.

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Guilty! Guilty!! GUILTY!!!

First, the reaction from outside the courthouse, and from the streets of Minneapolis:

The first of George Floyd’s four killers has been found guilty on all counts. Here’s some legal analysis on what it means for the justice system, and for black folks in the US:

A crucial word on the case goes to former police lieutenant Cariol Horne, who was fired for doing her job right, and who is now vindicated…thanks, in no small part, to the death of George Floyd and the spotlight it casts on bad cops:

Accountability has been served. Justice? It’s still a long way off. But this is an important step in that direction.

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Music for a Sunday: A memory you’re trying to remember to forget

Lord knows I’m not a fan of Mick Jagger (or a particular one of Dave Grohl, either), but this collab is a humdinger:

Are you getting Neil Young “Piece of Crap” vibes? I am. Compare, if you will:

Both are definitely tunes for these all-too-trying times.

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Who is “Q”? A weird weeaboo.

I actually did see this coming — did you?

Yup…that goofy little whoopsy grin is your mask-off moment right there. Ding!

Of course, it’s been an ill-kept secret for over a year now that Ron Watkins (and/or his father, Jim) is the “Q” of Q-Anon infamy. If you’ve been listening to QAA (as I have), you’d have surmised this already. They pretty much let that cat out of the bag when the podcasters interviewed Fredrick Brennan, who worked with the Watkinses, père et fils, to set up 8chan, the nasty little offshoot of the 4chan messageboard. And who fell out with them in 2018, and has been denouncing them and 8chan ever since. Brennan, one might say, pulled the string that unravelled the Watkinses’ entire web of deceit.

And it was Brennan, also, who confirmed another interesting tidbit: Ron the Weeb ratted out Jim the Dweeb. Yes, really.

Notice, too, when Ron Watkins resigned from 8chan? Yup, the very day of the US presidential election. The one that Donnie lost, and couldn’t accept having lost. One doesn’t need a Q clearance to understand that; basically, as “Q”, Ron and/or Jim Watkins had shot his wad by then. The big grift was over, and “Q” was bowing out. And no doubt hoping to remain anonymous.

And “he” would have gotten away with it, too, if not for all those meddling kids.

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Amazon now using fake Twitter accounts to prevent unionizing

David Doel has the details:

And Jeff Waldorf also has some good commentary:

Alas, it looks like “Darla” was very short-lived. Practically as soon as people started calling “her” out, the account was suspended.

Darla, we hardly knew ye.

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Government of Canada will apologize for racism inflicted on all-black WWI battalion

I never knew about this battalion either, and that’s definitely a product of systemic racism. Even in the next world war, which began twenty years after the first ended, racism still dictated who got the glory and who got the shaft. And racial segregation in the forces hadn’t ended, either. At a time when racialized people from all over the world were fighting against fascism in Europe, that was no small slight.

And if anyone thinks that the work of correcting racism is done or anywhere near it, check out the ratio of up- and down-votes on this YouTube video itself (the comment section is closed, unsurprisingly):

It looks as though the racists are still trying to keep those injustices, burials of history, and non-apologies going.

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Amazon gets Berned

And it’s not the first time, either. But you still love to see it:

It’s even more fun when you get to see David Doel getting in on the beatdown, too.

Maybe next time, “The Sniper” will want to just stick to hanging out in the warehouse, looking for “slacking” workers to fire, like he did in days of yore. Maybe he should also do it for the same wages and benefits as the real workers, so he can get an idea of why they’re on strike.

And he can even bring his own damn pee bottle, just to blend in. Maybe he can even hang out in their vans when they have to poop in the bushes.

Or he could just STFU on Twitter about things he clearly doesn’t understand. That’d work!

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