B(o)y George, that’s not cricket

Former Culture Club frontman, Boy George, really wants to hurt Madonna–or at least, he really wants to make her cry. Why? He’s mad at her for embracing Kabbalism, claiming that Kabbalists believe gays are diseased and can/should be cured. “She’s such a hypocrite. This is the woman who has embraced homosexuality and used it to her advantage,” says the artist formerly known as Mr. O’Dowd.

Well, I have a few problems with all that, George:

First, I’m not at all convinced that there are a whole lot of advantages to sharing a fake lesbian kiss onstage with Britney Spears. I think that if you’re a fading ’80s pop icon, you might do better to prove you’ve still got your mojo by releasing a new original song (or better still, a whole CD full of same); that faux-lesbian-for-shock-value thing gets old fast. Plus it looks as though it was more an official passing of the naughty-girl torch from someone who did it really well to someone who does it rather badly. Helluva comedown for Madonna–sorry, I meant to say Esther. But it’s hardly an embrace of homosexuality; more a sissified simulacrum of it. (You’ll notice in the photos that she and Brit-Brit don’t embrace, either.)

Secondly, you got that information on Kabbalism from where? A TV documentary? Shyeah, that’s informative. Why not pick up a good book on the subject? There’s no shortage of them. (I hope Madonna/Esther is reading one right now; it would put her streets ahead of just tying a red string around her wrist to ward off the Evil Eye.)

Thirdly, gay and bisexual Kabbalists would (and rightly) take issue with that anti-gay thing. “Gay” and “spiritual” are not antonyms. And not every Kabbalist is an ultra-orthodox Jew. (She whom you accuse certainly isn’t.)

Finally–has Madonna, er, Esther, actually said anything condemning homosexuality? I think I’d have heard if she had. In fact, the whole freakin’ world would have heard, whether it wanted to or not. So where, again, is the hypocrisy?

Still, George, I know what you mean–using religion to justify homophobia is just not cricket. Or kosher, as the case may be. But man, you gotta learn to pick your fights better.

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