Irony at the endgame

Is anyone besides me struck by the layers of irony inherent in all this? They are arguing about whether it’s ethical to remove a feeding tube from a woman who is no longer able to feed herself. A woman who got that way, incidentally, as a result of self-induced starvation (an eating disorder which resulted in a fatal chemical imbalance in her brain.)

The only legal way in which the doctors may allow her to die with dignity, is to inflict the indignity of starvation by withdrawal of the already undignified life-prolonger that is artificial feeding. They can’t euthanize her the way you or I could euthanize a suffering animal at the end of its life. A human death is thus less humane than that of an animal.

And meanwhile, in an effort to affirm the “dignity of life”, they want to wheel her out to testify before Congress. Never mind that she can’t testify; she has not the faculties to form a coherent thought, never mind speak. How is that supposed to be dignified, again?

Next up: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

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