Is any one of them NOT a sex fiend?

Oh, lordy, we have a couple more kinky doozers surfacing on the right. Larry Flynt has uncovered some dirt on John Bolton that would make the Marquis de Sade blanch with horror–or envy. Then there’s this winner in Pennsylvania, a Family Values hypocrite accused of attempting to strangle his mistress (who is, incidentally, in the same age group as his daughters). But who really takes the biscuit? Yup, Dubya’s pick to head up the FDA. Dr. David Hager, whose chief prior claim to fame was a book recommending prayer as a cure for PMS, has depupated as a pervert who liked to sodomize his wife while she was suffering from attacks of narcolepsy–brought on, perhaps, by the stress of living with a raving one-man freak scene.

The list of Republican sex fiends is ever growing. By now, it’s so long that it’s no longer a question of who IS one, but whether any of them is NOT one.

PS: Got a polimerick for ya, written in response to a thread started by Rob G….

Neal Horsley, the murderous fool,

Confessed that he once “loved” a mule.

He boinked it quite gaily;

Sometimes, three times daily–

Before, during and after school.

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