Oh, jeesh…

How could I forget THIS one? Thank heaven Buzzflash didn’t.

Frankly, I don’t care that Spokane mayor Jim West is gay; that’s not abnormal. What is, is that he’s a right-wing hypocrite who abused power–and the affections of an unsuspecting woman–to cover his ass while he trolled for sex.

And what sex it was. Throughout his career, West was haunted by allegations of pedophilia. Perhaps that’s why he made such a public to-do out of it when he proposed to his wife (she stuck it out for five years living his lie for him, if you can believe it.) Perhaps that’s why he made such a big noise about family values.

The noise, we now know, was the skeletons in his considerable closets rattling their bones.

Are you sensing a pattern here, reader? Every right-wing nut, it seems, has something to hide. And the louder they prattle about sexual morality, the worse you can safely assume their own to be.

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