Grenada, the (fascist) comic book

You have GOT to read this. Unbefrigginglievable, in the most literal sense of the word.

And if that’s not enough to sway you, it goes on for twelve excruciating, stilted pages…and that’s not including the covers. Inside front AND back.

Honestly, who wrote this shit? Between hysterical laughter (brought on by the worst-written dialogue I’ve seen in a while) and severe nausea (the only logical response to such a case of acute unreality), it hurts to read it. Did they seriously expect anyone to believe a word of THAT?

Hell, yeah. Unbelievable as that may be, they honestly did expect the poor black folks they bombarded with this leaflet to be as dumb as only a rich, reality-impaired white guy (projecting his innermost self) can make them out to be. Anyone with an eye can see this is no legitimate comic book; hell, where are the ads for peace patches, kyara incense, itching powder and Sea Monkeys? I can just see a young Grenadian picking this up, leafing through it, and then tossing it aside again. Bah, nothing here but crap about Castro and Yanks with shit-eating grins. How fucking boring! Give me Betty and Veronica anyday.

But hey, a rather important little thing known as Credibility seems never to have been much of an issue to the Reaganites. No, as long as people were whipped up with anti-commie hysteria and, any old stupid thing was fine ‘n’ dandy, however little it passed the sniff test. Just get a load of one of their other black-ops campaigns of the age…

In its grim little way, it’s hilarious. What’s not so funny is that people died over this. And others were, in the crowning irony of it all, enslaved by imperialists. No, not communists. The totalitarians who did this were much worse, because they masqueraded so transparently as “liberators”.

For the real story of Grenada, which differs wildly from Reagan’s cartoonish one, see Democracy Now!, Zmag, and Global Policy.

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