How devout is Rick Santorum–REALLY?

Not very.

Early this year, Sen. Rick Santorum commended the Dover Area School District for “attempting to teach the controversy of evolution.”

But one day after a federal judge ruled that the district’s policy on intelligent design was unconstitutional, Santorum said he was troubled by court testimony that showed some board members were motivated by religion in adopting the policy.

And, he said in an interview, he disagreed with the board for mandating the teaching of intelligent design, rather than just the controversy surrounding evolution.

Santorum – who sits on the advisory board of the Thomas More Law Center, which defended the school board in court – said the case offered “a bad set of facts” to test the concept that theories other than evolution should be taught in science classrooms.

“I thought the Thomas More Law Center made a huge mistake in taking this case and in pushing this case to the extent they did,” Santorum said.

He said he intends to withdraw his affiliation with the Michigan-based public-interest law firm that promotes Christian values.

Can you say FLIPFLOP, boys and girls?

Funny how these right-wing nutjobs are all for forced God-bothering…until court decisions and opinion polls prove their choices to be less popular with the electorate than they thought.

O, Santorum of little faith!

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