Pinochet: Going down at last?

Let’s hope this is it. From the Beeb:

Chile’s former ruler Augusto Pinochet has been fingerprinted and photographed by police, as part of his indictment over killings and disappearances.

The general’s picture was taken from the front and the side at his mansion in the Chilean capital Santiago.

A lawyer for 90-year-old Gen Pinochet called it “an affront to a former president of the republic”.

Affront? Seems to me His Esquireness needs some reminding of what a real affront is. More than 3,000 “disappeared” people can’t lie. (But rich men’s lawyers, as we’ve seen all too often, CAN.)

And what’s this “former president” bullcrap? Pinochet was no legitimate president, seeing as he was never elected. He’s a former dictator. As a military general, he never ran for any party, and never needed to–his “election” was a COUP. There’s no way he could have won anyway, had he stood for election; no wonder he brutally suppressed the entire opposition. Remember who he ousted? (His few remaining fascist friends hope you don’t.)

This all ties in rather neatly to my last entry. Will any of these high-level thugs be held accountable? Let’s hope so…but don’t hold your breath, lest you too become “disappeared”!

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