Shouldn’t they try this at home first?

From the “Do as we say, not as we do” files: The US calls for electoral reform in Venezuela.

Shouldn’t they try that at home first? After all, they have a lot of electoral problems of their own. More, in fact, since they’ve twice gotten saddled with Dictator Bush.

Plus, I get stitches in my side just watching that Dominatrix-from-the-Matrix, “Auntie” Condi Rice, lecture other countries on their democratic deficiencies when her own is the biggest dictatorship in the world. Complete with torture. (Not to mention how it blatantly disenfranchised her entire race as voters, while she, true to training, said and did NOTHING. So, who said slavery is dead?)

What would Jesus do? Simple. He’d slap these Pharisees around some, and tell them to stop picking at the speck in Venezuela’s eye when there’s a huge fucking plank in their own.

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