Evo Morales, style icon

Forget the “sweater girls” of the 1950s and ’60s…here comes the Sweater Guy of the 2000s. Yes, folks, the new president of Bolivia, not known for his sharp suits (he doesn’t even own one, and he’s never been seen in a tie, either) has become a fashion leader, whether he wants to be one or not…

A Bolivian businessman is producing a range of woolly jumpers inspired by the casual dress sense of President-elect Evo Morales.

Since winning last year’s presidential election Mr Morales has met a series of world leaders sporting a cosy-looking red, white and blue sweater.

Now knitwear company Punto Blanco says it will sell copies of the alpaca jumpers as “a symbol of the president”.

The jumpers will be made from synthetic fibres and will cost just $8 (£4.50).

Mr Morales will be sworn in on Sunday, with observers wondering if he will wear the jumper for the official ceremony.


Punto Blanco owner Raul Valda said he decided to manufacture imitation jumpers after being inundated with calls from fans of Mr Morales.

“This is going to become a line we call ‘Evo Fashion’ that we hope will appeal to young people.

“We did not want to do another sweater, a copy of the one that the president wears, but a symbol of the president and what he wants to do,” Mr Valda added.

No word on what the It Boy has to say about his newfound status yet, but here’s a CounterPunch article on the meaning of the sweater. Or lack of meaning thereof, as the case may be…

You can see his most famous pullover here, on the Beeb’s site.

Update: Here’s what Evo wore to his inauguration:

Morales broke the media-generated suspense over what he would wear to such a formal occasion by showing up in a black tunic ringed with indiginous weaving.

You can see a picture of it here. Like Huguito Chavecito, the man does his sash proud.

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