Uh oh, Hugo…now you’ve pissed off Peru!

Depending on where you sit, this could be an example of Hugo Chavez putting his foot in it yet again, or of him being downright fucking brilliant yet again. From the Beeb:

The Peruvian authorities say comments made by Venezuela’s president about candidates for the April election in Peru are unacceptable.

Hugo Chavez described the conservative Lourdes Flores as the candidate of the Peruvian oligarchy.

He also praised the nationalist former army officer, Ollanta Humala, saying he stood for Peru’s “abandoned people”.

Mr Chavez’s comments come a week after Peru accused him of interference and recalled its envoy for consultations.

The diplomatic row erupted last week when Mr Humala attended a news conference in Caracas with the Venezuelan leader and Bolivia’s President-elect Evo Morales.

On that occasion, Mr Chavez praised Mr Humala for “joining the battle” against the Free Trade Area of the Americas backed by Washington and a number of countries in the region.

He also said a failed military uprising led by the Peruvian candidate in 2000 was worthy of Don Quixote.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Chavez said: “He [Mr Humala] asked me for a meeting and I received him. The president of Peru got angry, what am I to do?”

Mr Humala has been gaining ground in opinion polls ahead of the 9 April vote. Ms Flores, a former congresswoman, is seen as a frontrunner in the election.

Say, didn’t this also happen when Evo Morales was campaigning for the presidency just recently in Bolivia? We all know how that ended…

Hey Hugo, would you please consider interfering in our elections up here in Canada? It looks as though the yucky Conservatives might just win, despite having nothing real to offer. Could you please put in a good word for Jack Layton?

Pretty please???

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2 Responses to Uh oh, Hugo…now you’ve pissed off Peru!

  1. I totally love your blog and what Hugo’s doing to make our world a better place. I think what Canada needs is to Bush to open his big fat mouth and come out in support of Harper. I seem to remember that Bush opened his mouth and the Iranians voted in Ahmadinejad. I might be mistaken though.

  2. Bina says:

    Thanks, Kitty…and I can’t wait for Dubya to use his Midas-in-reverse touch on Harper, although frankly, I think he’s too stupid to even realize who this turnip-faced suck-up is.
    On the other hand, if he condemned Jack Layton as a terrahist-huggin’ commie bastard, I’m sure Jack’s fortunes would skyrocket. LOL…

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