A blonde moment at the voting booth?

Oh, this is just too funny…

She may be smart enough to earn millions from her acidic political barbs, but when it comes to something as simple as voting in her tiny hometown, hard-core conservative pundit Ann Coulter is a tad confused.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections records show Coulter voted last week in Palm Beach’s council election. Problem is: She cast her ballot in a precinct 4 miles north of the precinct where she owns a home — and that could be a big no-no.

Coulter, who owns a $1.8 million crib on Seabreeze Avenue, should have voted in Precinct 1198. It covers most homes on her street. Instead, records show, she voted in Precinct 1196, at the northern tip of the island.

A fave on the college speaking circuit and the occasional target of cream-pies-to-the-face, Coulter registered as a Republican (no kidding!) with the supervisor’s office June 24. That’s three months after she bought the home and moved to Palm Beach from Manhattan.

Here’s the sticky part for The Right’s Lady Macbeth: She wrote down an Indian Road address instead of Seabreeze on her voter’s registration application. And she signed to certify the information as true.

“She never lived here,” said Suzanne Frisbie, owner of the Indian Road home. “I’m Ann’s Realtor, and she used this address to forward mail when she moved from New York.”

Coulter didn’t respond to requests for comment. But the blond GOP pit bull’s former agent, Joani Evans, last year told Page Two Coulter left NYC to escape stalkers.

Is a desire to hold on to privacy the reason she gave the wrong address?

“I know but I’m not going to say,” Frisbie replied.

Uh, I’ll take that as a “yes”. Although who’d WANT to stalk that rabid bag of bones, I don’t know. Seems like she’d be the one doing the stalking, not the other way around.

And what’s this “smart enough to earn millions” bullshit? Everyone knows her smack is not even all hers. The bitch isn’t smart, she’s fucking lazy, people. She never earned a thing in her life, except maybe all the nasty things anyone has ever said about her. (But hey, to be fair: at least she, unlike the Pigman, actually does bother to vote for those whom she shamelessly blows…)

Anyhow, the Coultergeist’s lie is a third-degree felony. It could cost her $5,000 and five years behind bars, but I doubt very much she’ll get anything beyond a slap on her alarmingly bony wrist and a lot of false martyrdom (delivered, of course, at the approximate volume and in the dulcet tones of a foghorn).

That’s how it works for those who relentlessly stand up for the top dogs, after all.

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4 Responses to A blonde moment at the voting booth?

  1. Wren says:

    Perhaps her precinct wasn’t racist enough for her.
    She seems to want to foster the same blind cult of personality Hitler enjoyed. Ignore the facts. Bush is the strong father figure that will protect us. Just give him the dictator powers to do it.
    “Post-9/11 our philosophy should be: Raghead talks tough? Raghead faces consequences.” — Ann Coulter
    Funny that Osama still talks tough, but has yet to face any consequences.
    This is the new anti-Semitism only the Semites are not the Jews this time. A small group of Muslim extremists attack us and all of a sudden, all Muslims are guilty.

  2. Bina says:

    Interesting you should mention the Semite factor; the other day, I saw a piece in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz (or rather, on its website) that pointed out that the ‘toons from Jyllands-Posten were also anti-semitic.
    I guess we now know who it’s acceptable to hate. 100 years ago it was blacks and 70 years ago it was Jews, and now it’s brown Muslims. The more things change…

  3. Wren says:

    Yeah. I noticed that the Danish paper refused to print cartoons of Jesus. Still, it is ironic that Jyllands-Posten started this whole mess by asking for the cartoons to be made in an attempt to bring attention to Muslim self-censorship based on Muslim sensitivity to religious feelings.
    It would seem that Muslim governments to their own benefit have inflamed this case of anti-Semitism. After all, these cartoons were first printed in Egypt in Sept. 30, 2005 with no demonstrations. Only after the tragic loss of life in Saudi Arabia at the Hajj did their newspapers print criticism of the cartoons.
    That isn’t to say the garbage coming out of people like Ann Coulter isn’t real anti-Semitism. She and those like her have no other goal other than fostering hatred toward Muslims.

  4. Bina says:

    But Jesus wasn’t Jewish! And he wasn’t any freedom-fighter, either…
    (I jest, of course.)
    And why are the Saudis still considered US allies, anyway? Weren’t they trying to shift blame for their own ineptitude at preventing Hajj mishaps?
    (Rhetorical questions, of course. We all know that the answer is written in black and goo.)

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