Against same-sex marriage? That’s sick!

Yes, indeedy. And the Beeb would know:

Gay “marriage” could boost the mental and physical health of homosexuals, doctors believe.

Rates of depression, drug abuse and cancer are higher in the gay community than among heterosexual people.

The report said civil partnerships, which were introduced in England and Wales in December, were likely to reduce prejudice and social exclusion.

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health article was based on previous studies in other countries.

Denmark was the first country to introduce civil partnerships for same sex couples in 1989, since when several European Union countries, some US states, Australia and Canada have followed suit.

Professor Michael King, of University College London, who co-wrote the article, said: “Civil partnerships are likely to break down some of the prejudice and promote greater understanding, including among staff working in the health service.

“Legal civil partnerships could increase the stability of same sex relationships and minimise the social exclusion to which gay and lesbian people are often subjected.”

Well, it’s not as if I hadn’t known this (or at least suspected it) for quite some time. My best friend is a gay man who’s now legally (in Canada, anyway) married to his partner of the past 16-plus years. They are the healthiest and most stable couple I know. And the surest refutation of the bullshit assertion that being gay will automatically make you AIDS-ridden, mentally ill, etc. Turns out, it’s not the being-gay, it’s the REJECTION that society dishes out on your head.

Surprise, surprise!

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