Compassionate conservative? My ass!

There’s a reason why so many people are getting more and more reluctant to loosen the purse strings nowadays. Quite aside from the nose-holding aspect of so many charities claiming to be the answer to problems better addressed by good old-fashioned socialism, you get rather unfortunate stuff like this leaking out to the media:

Sen. Rick Santorum’s charity donated about 40 percent of the $1.25 million it spent during a four-year period, well below Better Business Bureau standards — paying out the rest for overhead, including several hundred thousand dollars to campaign aides on the charity payroll.

The charity, Operation Good Neighbor, is described on its Web site as an organization promoting “compassionate conservatism” by providing grants to small nonprofit groups, many of them religious.

The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance says charitable organizations should spend at least 65 percent of their total expenses on program activities.

Operation Good Neighbor is based at the same address as Pennsylvania Sen. Santorum’s campaign office in suburban Philadelphia, and some of the same people who have worked on his campaign are working for his charity and collecting money from it, records show.

Among them:

–Maria Diesel, who has been paid fundraising fees by the campaign, is listed as the charity’s finance director. Filings show she has received $192,958 in professional fundraising fees from Operation Good Neighbor.

–Robert Bickhart, who has also been involved in raising campaign funds for Santorum, is listed as the charity’s executive director. Filings show he has earned $75,000 in salary from the charity since 2001 and that his business, Capitol Resource Group, rents the office space to the charity. The charity has paid $20,437 in occupancy fees, filings show.

Santorum, the No. 3 Senate Republican, is embroiled in a tough campaign against his leading Democratic opponent, State Treasurer Bob Casey.

Seems that Senator Fetus Fetish, the man who brought us man-on-dog sex, is more compassionate to himself and his re-election campaign (which I predict he’s gonna lose)–and more conservative when it comes to so-called good causes.

And so’s his pal, Cat-Killer Frist:

Late last year, Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., was criticized after an Associated Press analysis found that his AIDS charity paid nearly a half-million dollars in consulting fees to members of his political inner circle.

Surprise, surprise.

Honestly, is it really THAT hard to pay higher taxes, when you’re more likely to actually get something decent out of it…as we do up here in my home and native land?

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  1. I look forward to the day when cats take over the earth, ruling with true compassion and justice as only they can. men have fucked up the world and we should be thankful that we haven’t destroyed Mother Earth, although we must credit the cats for that.

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