Democracy returns to Haiti, over US objections

Some days you really don’t know whether to laugh, cry, shit or go blind. Such is my reaction to the latest news out of Haiti:

Haiti’s President-elect Rene Preval has said the constitution permits the return of ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, now in exile in South Africa.

He was speaking after Mr Aristide said he intended to return to his country as soon as possible.

The ousted leader said his supporters had voted for his return by electing Mr Preval, his former ally.

But the US State Department said Mr Aristide’s return would serve no useful purpose and could destabilise Haiti.

“Aristide is from the past. We’re looking to the future,” State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said.

Oh really, Adam? What kind of “future” do you have in mind for Haiti, pray tell? We already know what your past looks like. I’m just sorry that Canadian UN peacekeepers are part of this fiasco. And I’m still wondering about the highly suspicious death of that Brazilian general, too.

If democracy does return to Haiti, it will do so over the loud objections of certain parties in Washington. Just as it did before.

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