Q. What do Hugo Chavez and Adolf Hitler have in common?

A. Not a damn thing, but try telling that to the American Sheeple.

Gentle readers, we really ARE through the Looking Glass now. Get a load of what Rummy had to say about the Our Man in Caracas lately:

In Washington, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld described the election of a string of left-wing leaders in the region as worrying.

“[Chavez] is a person who was elected legally, just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally and then consolidated power,” he said.

Does that crackbrained wingnut EVER stop projecting? Rummy, please, extract head from rectum and focus on the facts for a change. What leader actually lost a popular vote, but still got into power due to appointment–and consolidated his unlawful power by way of enabling laws? Hint: NOT Hugo Chavez. Chavez’s power was consolidated the same way it was achieved: democratically. Venezuelans overwhelmingly support him…because, with the exception of some delusional spoiled brats, they like what he’s done for the country. Amazing how that works! (They should try it in the US sometime…)

Rummy was wrong about something else, too: Hitler was not legally elected. The German people voted overwhelmingly against him. It was the right-wing members of the Reichstag who appointed him to power. Look it up, folks!

But hey. Who am I to spoil a such a lovely propaganda campaign by just citing fact? Let Jesus Nery Barrios hammer home a few more nails in that coffin, an it please ye. And when you’re through with that, a journalist from the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington would like to have a few words with you about that bogus Telesur “propaganda” charge, too.

And just for good measure, here’s a bit of choice fact-checking from Eva Golinger, with insight into what’s really behind all this.

Like I said: Herr Rumsfeld is projecting his own fascistic tendencies onto others. No wonder his German relatives disowned him.

PS: Also check out Pat Robertson’s latest. He’s not REALLY taking back his assassination call. He’s making excuses for it and repeating it, instead. Ugly little murdermonger.

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