A little early for April Fool’s jokes…

…but what the heck. Salon.com’s “Bradsheet” is worth a look.

Yes, that’s BRADsheet…as in Brad Pitt. They’ve turned their women’s-issues blog, Broadsheet, into a Brad-blog for one day only. And the results are a hoot:

Why Brad? Because he is simultaneously reifying and challenging hegemonic codes of race, class, gender and regional or national identity. As one of this generation’s most popular actors, Pitt has explored many of the cultural and marital tensions of our emerging postmodern era. Depicting masculine American whiteness in various states of crisis and various hair colors, his characters enact complex postmodern agencies; they are never wholly coherent, they are often self-destructive, and they rely on a certain amount of play — between stability and instability, between life and death, between autonomy and alter-dependency, between control and abandon, between Maddox and Zahara. His characters explore the complex and changing postmodern cultural landscape. Tracing Brad’s work and personal life through a variety of theoretical texts and celebrity-interest publications, we hope to explain his multidimensional postmodernity and raise essential questions, especially given recent events, about whether or not he is God’s gift to women.


Wednesday’s New York Daily News Rush and Molloy column carried a story about Brad that gave me pause. The column repeats a Star magazine story about “a bit of a blowout” between Brad and Angelina about whether or not to get hitched. Reportedly, the fight ended with Angelina storming out of their Paris pad, Maddox and Zahara in tow. This tale echoes a narrative that has been batted around in the tabloids for months, but seems to be gaining credibility with every weekend that we’re told Brad and Angelina plan to marry at George Clooney’s Lake Como estate — and then don’t! It seems that Brad is pushing for marriage before the birth of their child, while Angelina is resisting. According to the latest French source, “Brad says it’s like he can do nothing right these days … They argue about everything, from his cigarette smoking to world politics to how much he loves her! And apparently Angelina has told him she prefers the way he was when they first met — independent and masculine — and that she’s getting tired of his whining and possessiveness.”


No discussion of Brad issues is complete without this comprehensive hair-ography from emerging gossip site TMZ. Titled “How Brad Morphs Into His Lovers,” the TMZ piece chronicles Brad’s style transformations from Juliette Lewis-era serial-killer chic into the Gwyneth period, when he and G actually got the exact same haircut. From there, we mosey through the Jennifer Aniston golden-highlights years, and finally we come to the current era of Angelina-inspired neutral tones, motorcycle jackets and dark locks. This spectrum of aesthetic choices has much to teach us about Brad’s very essence, TMZ notes. The site quotes psychotherapist Candice Slobin saying, “There’s some essential element of his own self-identity that may be missing. He’s absorbing something into his own identity that has not developed on its own.”

BTW, the mascot is cute, too:

It's Brad--as a BROAD!

Studliest broad I ever saw.

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