Auntie Condi praises Indonesia

Couldn’t you just puke?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has held up Indonesia’s “tolerance” as an example to the Muslim world, on her first official visit to the nation.

She acknowledged that US foreign policy was not always popular but said she respected all faiths and welcomed Indonesia’s help in fighting terror.


Hundreds of people protested in Jakarta as Ms Rice’s two-day visit began.

Chanting anti-US slogans, they held a rowdy demonstration outside the heavily guarded US embassy building in the capital.

Analysts say Washington is keen to build closer ties with the world’s most populous Muslim state.

Speaking in Jakarta with Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda, Ms Rice praised Indonesia’s co-operation in fighting terror and its pursuit of democracy as an “inspiration” to the Muslim world.

“I think Indonesia has a very big role to play as an example of what moderation, tolerance and inclusiveness of society can be,” she said.

Ms Rice also sought to counter criticism in the region of US actions abroad.

“I understand that the United States has had to do things in the world that are not that popular in much of the world,” she said.

Translation: PLEASE keep sucking up to us! We’re losing friends all over the region, and we want you to forget that we supported your dictator Suharto in the past. Bad old East Timor! Bad! Bad!

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