Mexico: sneak preview for America’s future

Hey, Americans…wanna know where your country’s headed under BushCo, NAFTA, the NRA, the whole shebang? Clicky-clicky…but you’ll no likey:

In an overwhelmingly Catholic country, abortion is illegal in Mexico unless the woman concerned was raped.

However, according to the report, many women are still denied safe abortions even if their pregnancy was a result of this crime.

Pregnant rape victims are intimidated, insulted and threatened.

For example, some public prosecutors have told rape victims that having an abortion would kill them.

Human Rights Watch likens this to a second assault.

It says rape victims may feel reluctant to approach prosecutors for fear of being humiliated or thought to be reporting a rape in order to get an abortion.

“That humiliation drives over 90% of women away from ever even reporting their rape. And as a result, without reporting the rape, they’re not entitled to an abortion,” says executive director, Kenneth Roth.

The report says that this forces many into having backroom abortions at great risk to their health.

Of course, abortion is but one front in an overall downhill slide. Mexico presents several others as well: degradation of the environment, decline in wages and living standards, and of course, human rights violations coming out the wazoo in all directions. Sell your human rights down the Rio Grande, and guess what, America…


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