Is Chavecito channeling El Predicto too?

Sure sounds like it…

This century will see the end of the US empire, said Hugo Chavez on Saturday during a rally in Havana, where he highlighted the progress of Latin American integration efforts.

Addressing thousands of youth present at a rally, Chavez proclaimed "you will witness the fall of the US empire, since this century will see the birth of our common homeland."

Saturday’s rally marked the first anniversary of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas agreement (ALBA), a regional integration initiative initiated by President Chavez.

"Cuba and Venezuela have jointly promoted ALBA, an effort against the US-led Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement (FTAA)," said Hugo Chavez, as he expressed his government’s determination to support Bolivia in its development efforts.

The Venezuelan president announced a joint project between La Paz and Venezuela in the oil sector with the setting up of an oil processing plant in Bolivia.

Hmmm. A visionary in more ways than one, it seems.

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