Kenny Boy is in the dock


Do you suppose this is why the compliant media has trotted out yet another “Osama” tape?

Remember, Kenny Boy was a leading contributor (no, make that THE leading contributor) to the Bush 2000 campaign war chest, not to mention awfully tight with Dubya. Now, suddenly, Dubya doesn’t know him anymore. Poor Kenny–and after all that sucking-up he did, too! (Ahhh, the magic of Diebold…which renders guilty association so unnecessary!)

Meanwhile, the War on Terra isn’t going all that well, either. But damned if Rummy’s gonna let THAT stop him. The Decider is right behind him, all the way. And he’s just okayed something that smells awfully vile. And don’t doubt that he, too, is relying on that latest tape to provide him cover, so that all this flies completely under the radar.

Heads up, Chavecito. The War on Terra might soon land on your doorstep. And we all know that terrorism won’t be the true reason, either. Haven’t they shown as much by not letting you put a real thug on trial?

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