US Congresscritters find their gonads

Well, some of them, anyhow.

They’ve written a letter to Dubya, urging him to send known terrorist (and former CIA asset) Luis Posada Carriles back to Venezuela to face justice, and to refuse him citizenship in the United States.

The following congresspeople are true heroes:

Dennis J. Kucinich

Raul M. Grijalva

Jose E. Serrano

Barbara Lee

Cynthia McKinney

Maurice Hinchey

John W. Olver

Bobby L. Rush

James P. McGovern

Edolphus Towns

Donald M. Payne

Sam Farr

Lane Evans

Bennie G. Thompson

Carolyn B. Maloney

Ed Pastor

Tammy Baldwin

Sheila Jackson Lee

Lynn Woolsey

Maxine Waters

As for the rest, I guess they’re just not serious about fighting terrorism…and no doubt some of them would prefer to harbor–or even negotiate with the bastards instead of bringing them to justice.

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