Hugo Chavez, petro-pacifist?

Add one more thing to his list of unorthodox, yet brilliant gambits:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has warned the US that any attack on Iran will have devastating consequences and send oil prices soaring.

Mr Chavez, on a two-day trip to the UK, called for a socialist new world order and said nations were cowards for not standing up to the “American empire”.

The US has not ruled out military action against Iran over its nuclear programme but is pursuing diplomacy.


The president told the meeting in Camden, hosted by Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, that a US military attack on Iran would lead to Tehran cutting off its oil supply.

“If the United States attacks Iran… oil could reach $100 (£52) a barrel or more,” he said.

“Moreover, Iran has said it would attack Israel, and I know they have the wherewithal to do so.

“This would be a terrible escalation and I do not know where it would end and I do not know who would get out the first nuclear bomb or how many people would die. No-one would be safe from this madness.”

Mr Chavez said the US “doesn’t know what to do” in Iraq, which he called “the Vietnam of the 21st Century”.

Of course, his warning will go unheeded. BushCo WANTS this war, precisely BECAUSE it will drive up the price of oil. After all, Dubya’s cronies in the industry (among many others) MUST be repaid for all their investments in this dunce over the years.

And they’re probably willing to try for yet another assassination attempt on Chavez, too, to put a stop to his use of PDVSA revenues and taxes on foreign oil companies in the interest of the Venezuelan public good (and those of other countries while he’s at it).

Have I mentioned yet today how much I hate BushCo?

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