One disgusting computer game

No, I’m NOT talking about the latest “Grand Theft Auto” porno-fest. Check THIS out:

Venezuelan politicians have complained about a forthcoming “shoot-em-up” computer game that simulates an invasion of the South American nation.

In production by Los Angeles-based Pandemic Studios, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames is based around the overthrow of an imaginary Venezuelan “tyrant”.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has long accused the US of planning to invade, something Washington denies.

His supporters say the game aims to drum up support for a real invasion.


In Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, gamers play soldiers sent to overthrow “a power-hungry tyrant [who] messes with Venezuela’s oil supply, sparking an invasion that turns the country into a war zone”.

Of course, the game’s makers say it’s Only Entertainment and Not Really Propaganda:

“Pandemic has no ties to the US government,” Greg Richardson, the firm’s vice president of commercial operations, told the Associated Press.

“Pandemic Studios is a private company, focusing solely on the development of interactive entertainment.”

Yet Pandemic’s publicist Chris Norris said its designers “always want to have a rip from the headlines”.

He added: “Although a conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be happening, it’s realistic enough to believe that it could eventually happen.”

Uh-huh. Riiiiiight. Get a load of what else this company has produced in the past:

However, on its website Pandemic lists a game called “Full Spectrum Warrior / Army Training”, which it describes as a “squad-level, dismounted, light infantry training simulator created for use by the US Army”.

Uh, how is making battle simulators for the US Army NOT construable as having “ties with the government”? Who do they think is ultimately in charge of the Army? The Flying Monkey Right has been harping on Bush as Commander in Chief for the longest time. And now, suddenly, he has nothing to do with this game which clearly sets out to demonize Hugo Chavez? It’s just the makers, “ripping from the headlines”?

Funny how they just automatically picked the falsest headlines and made no pretence at trying to learn who’s REALLY been trying to disrupt the supply of Venezuelan oil. Yes, there IS a power-hungry tyrant behind it, but he’s not in Miraflores.

He’s in the White House.

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