This should drive the KKK loco

The Beeb reports a baby boom in the US…but not the sort of babies certain sectors of society (cough)–fascists!–(cough) would find desirable:

Nearly half of American children aged under five are from an ethnic minority, according to a new report from the US Census Bureau.

The latest figures show 45% of US pre-schoolers are non-white, with the Latino population growing the fastest.

Of the overall US population, one-third are now from an ethnic minority.


Latinos are the largest minority, now numbering 42.7 million, and the fastest growing, with a population increase rate of 3.3%, the figures show.

Of the 1.3 million more Latinos than when the figures were last gathered 500,000 were immigrants, the bureau said.

Numbering 39.7 million, blacks form the second-largest minority, with a growth rate of 1.3%.

The Asian population of 14.4 million grew by 3%, an increase also driven by immigration, with 239,000 of the 421,000 new members having arrived from abroad.

American Indians and Alaska natives number 4.5 million and grew by 1%. Native Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders total 990,000, with a 1.5% growth rate.

With almost 67% of the overall population, non-Latino whites are still the largest group, but they have an older average age and much lower growth rate, increasing by just 500,000 in the period measured.

“These mid-decade numbers provide further evidence of the increasing diversity of our nation’s population,” Census Bureau director Louis Kincannon said.

Of course, this is not good news to those who want to ensure homogeneity and conformity. Any more than, of course, the fact that the largest demonstrations in US history…were by Latino immigrants and their supporters, the “menace” the self-styled “Minutemen” want to fence out of the country. As though THAT would make a difference. Some people dig fences; others dig under them. (Cue background music: “La Cucaracha”.)

Of course, one of the main bones of contention for those trying to keep Those People out of the United States is that “them damn [fill in the blank with racist epithet of your choice] is going to breed and overrun us!” What they conveniently forget is that there are a lot of legal immigrants from all over, many of them not white–and they’re breeding too. So, for that matter, are whites, who, despite falling birthrates, are still very much a majority (and, I note in passing, one well represented among actual domestic terrorists).

But one can always count on these “patriots” to sound the population alarm, as well as the “legality” one–even when it’s absurdly alarmist to do so. The sheer size of the recent pro-immigrant marches can hardly be a reassurance to them, since it’s graphic evidence that Those People, when they are angry and determined enough, represent a huge potential voting bloc that could put a whole new complexion on US politics, quite literally.

UPDATE: Looks like FUX Snooze is now exhorting its non-Hispanic (cough)–WHITE!–(cough) viewers to do their duty to the Reich. This dovetails very neatly with its prior history as a promoter of white supremacist site Stormfront as a Lonely Hearts Club for racists seeking breeding partners.

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