And the plot just keeps getting thicker…

…and SICKER.

Yes, it’s Gitmo again!

The father of one of three inmates said to have committed suicide at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay has said he believes his son was murdered.

“This idea of suicide is a lie. My son wouldn’t commit suicide,” said Ali Abdullah Ahmed, father of a Yemeni detainee found dead on Saturday.

The US insists they killed themselves and is awaiting final medical reports.


The apparent triple suicide has drawn renewed criticism of Guantanamo and calls for it to be shut down.

A US official’s claim that the three had committed suicide as a public relations stunt or an act of “asymmetric warfare” drew international condemnation.

Gee. I wonder who’s REALLY committing asymmetric warfare here?

So far, it looks like the victims never stood a fighting chance at any level.

Red Alert--Hanging Hajjis!

It doesn’t get more asymmetrical than that.

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