Another of Canada’s worst exports

Right up there with Pamela Anderson and her fake everything, it’s John Roberts and his fake news.

On the June 1 edition of CNN’s The Situation Room, CNN senior national correspondent John Roberts, in reporting on the diplomatic package the United States and several other nations will offer Iran to discontinue its purported nuclear programs, commented that “Iraq endured 11 years of sanctions, and, you know, we still had to go to war to get rid of what it was that they had.” As professional journalists, host Wolf Blitzer and Roberts are undoubtedly aware that no weapons of mass destruction — nuclear or otherwise — were found in Iraq and that the Iraq Survey Group’s September 2004 final report (also known as the Duelfer Report) concluded that “Iraq did not possess a nuclear device, nor had it tried to reconstitute a capability to produce nuclear weapons after 1991.” Nevertheless, Blitzer responded: “Good point, John.”

If THAT was a good point, I’d hate to see a bad one. Almost as much as I’d hate to see him back up here in the Great North. We export our best comedians, and our worst TV news people, to the States. The former is a tragedy, and the latter is a comedy.

Particularly as pertains to Mr. Roberts.

I remember this posturing buffoon back when he was a veejay on CITYTV during the mid-1980s. He was styling himself as “J.D. Roberts” back then. He was horrible at that too (and for a job as brain-free as veejaying, that’s really saying something!), but for some reason they stuck him in there anyway. Must have been that telegenicity thing. He was the perfect pre-packaged podperson.

Nice to see nothing much has changed since then. With the exception of his grizzled hair, of course, which looks kinda weird with that eerily preserved face. (Those permanently surprised eyebrows? Not to cast aspersions without confirmation, but in most cases they are a dead giveaway of vanity run amuck. When the doc can’t do a proper eye lift, he usually settles for yanking the forehead up an inch or two. Or, in the case of the Bride of Wildenstein, several.)

Where was I? Brain fart.

–Oh yeah. Roberts. Posturing buffoon. Still the same. Nice nothing’s changed. Journalistic profession has sure lost ground since Walter Cronkite stopped telling us the way it was. Yadda yadda yadda.

Still, Roberts may have let loose with a heckuva Freudian slip there: The US certainly did have to go to war to get what Iraq had, and it wasn’t WMD. It wasn’t even that laughable chicken-scratching on foolscap that was supposed to represent the sum total of Saddam’s nefarious world-takeover plans. The initials of Operation Iraqi Liberation spell it out nice and clear.

And hey! They can recycle that title, too…just plug in “Iranian” for “Iraqi” and they’ll be right up to date. No more truthful except inadvertently, mind you, but who needs truth when you’ve got BushCo and J.D. the failed veejay defying gravity every which way you look?

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2 Responses to Another of Canada’s worst exports

  1. denisdekat says:

    I was pissed at Blitzer who tried to shut Kennedy down on CNN. Blitzer = tool.
    It’s at C&L and my site btw…

  2. Bina says:

    Yeah, Blitzer’s a right-wing jackass. Mike Malloy calls him the Nazi U-boat captain, and the description fits. He never met a stupid talking point he didn’t like.

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