Festive Left Friday Blogging: Everyone Hates Hugo, Part II

Or, Evil Dictator Scares Children! Film at 11!

Oh the horror. The HORROR. Hugo Chavez’s vile appetites have become insatiable. First he was biting helpless women…

Angela Merkel is not amused! But Michelle Bachelet is. That's all that matters.

Now he’s having his aides bring him a child to feast on wherever he goes. And I have the evidence…

Here he is, about to chow down on tender young flesh during his recent visit to London:

One of London's youngest Chavistas?

And here he is, trying to catch one on the fly in Bolivia:

Bolivian kids love Hugo too!

And in Venezuela, bear-hugging his innocent prey to death before he sucks its blood:

Hugo hugs a young'un

Yep, he’s a downright boogyman. Those poor kids! They look terrorized. Will nobody free them from the clutches of this madman?

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