Watch out, kiddies, or you’ll catch the gay!

Oh, no! As if being an interfering peacenik wasn’t bad enough, look what else Jim Loney has been doing to corrupt the good Christian youth of the world…

Former hostage James Loney is accusing an Ontario Catholic camp he once worked for of closing its doors because of his homosexuality.

The closure of the Ontario Catholic Youth Leadership Camp by the Knights of Columbus Ontario State Council, which finances the camp, was an act of discrimination, Loney told a news conference Tuesday.

Loney said he and his supporters struggled with the decision to go public with the allegations, but finally decided to come forward.

“We are doing this because we care about the church, we care about young people and we care about the kind of church they are coming into,” he said.

But he added, “We can’t prove this. This is a concern that we have based on the sequence of events.”

Loney claims the council’s chairman said during a phone call on March 31, 2006, that concerns had been raised that the camp was promoting a homosexual lifestyle, and made specific reference to Loney. Shortly after, the camp closed.

The phone call apparently happened a week after Loney made national headlines when he revealed his sexual orientation and introduced his partner, Dan Hunt, on television.

Loney’s family and Hunt had decided against publicizing the couple’s relationship while Loney was being held hostage in Iraq, fearing it could jeopardize his life.

And this is what he comes home to. A national hero who didn’t preach religion but practised it, who tried to help Iraqis survive a war, and who raised our collective consciousness, comes home to…ostracism.

Yeah, that’s Christianity for you.

And this from the same church that’s been covering up child-molesting priests for HOW long, again?

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