Apart from the pig, Mr. President…

Christ. Does anyone need further proof of just how stupid Dubya is?

He kept mentioning a wild boar, slaughtered and roasted according to local tradition, that he planned to share at a dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her home constituency at a Baltic resort.

“I’m looking forward to the feast you’re going to have tonight. I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig,” Bush told Merkel at the outset of their joint news conference in Stralsund, north of Berlin.

A few minutes later — after discussing Iran, the Middle East, the merits of press freedoms in Russia and progress on the Doha round of free trade talks — Bush returned to the boar.

“Thank you for having me,” he told Merkel. “Looking forward to that pig tonight.”

Bush answered a few more questions before wandering back to the boar for a third time.

“I haven’t seen that pig yet,” Bush said out of the blue. Merkel laughed and said she had seen television pictures of the boar and could verify it was dead, adding she hoped it was on the spit and ready in time for dinner.

Near the end of the 30-minute briefing, Bush fielded a question about the Middle East with his fourth pig rejoinder.

“I thought you were going to ask about the pig,” he told a reporter, who then said he was indeed curious about that too.

“The pig?” Bush said. “I’ll tell you tomorrow after I eat it.”

Four mentions of a roast boar. Zero words of any substance. America’s national embarrassment is, as usual, par for the course.

Now, wouldn’t it be a gas if Chancellor Merkel had him carve a plastic “pig”–to go with the turkey he served to the troops for that idiotic photo-op?

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2 Responses to Apart from the pig, Mr. President…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Don’t you get it Bina–playing the jovial, joking offe is Bush’s mediactic image. He can always resort to humor instead of addressing anything of substance.
    This is very endearing to rightwingers who would rather not deal with the sheer criminality of US policy. German, US, or Russian–the rightwingers love it.
    I doubt that he realized how dis-tasteful this discussion of eating pig was to the Muslims of the world–such realizations are beyond this pig-fucker.

  2. Bina says:

    Well, here’s the funny thing: The Germans actually can’t stand the fucker. Merkel sucks up to him, as do a few conservative politicians, but the average one (and my relatives will back me up on this) think he’s a Vollidiot.
    (Actually, listening to Mike Malloy tonight, he says there are pix out there of Dubya putting his hands on Merkel, and she supposedly has this INCREDIBLY offended “get your hands OFF me!” look on her face. I MUST find those…)

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