Evil wicked Cuba sets example again (twice!)

Don’t you hate it when things like this happen?

Uruguay’s Emergency Plan (PANES) Coordinator, Bertha Sanseverino, announced that the country will introduce Cuba’s Literacy Plan, currently applied in many parts of the world.

“Just as Venezuela is supporting us in the productive field, Cuba is giving us assistance in the fields of health and education,” Sanseverino commented, as quoted by El Observador daily.

On his part, Coordinator of Education in the Ministry of Social Development, Yamandu Ferraz, said despite illiteracy affects 2.3 percent of the population in the last few years, “it may reach a double-digit figure among the poor population catered for by the PANES.

“We are aware that at least more than 40,000 of over 230,000 poor people in the country have not completed primary education, and many others “may be illiterate or functionally illiterate,” Ferraz added.

So now you can add Uruguay to the list. Venezuela and Bolivia are already on it, and Venezuela has had resounding success reaching 100% literacy with Cuban help.

And then there’s this:

Cuba continues to develop a large network of labs producing biological pest control agents to favor agriculture, said experts with the island’s Institute of Vegetable Health Research (INISAV).

The country’s scientific potential allows for the appropriate and rational application of biologic pest control means, which is fully compatible with the environment, said INISAV expert Orietta Fernández-Larrea to the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Decisions on the variety and amount of live organisms to be produced are made at the country’s 175 centers specialized in the field, by taking into account the characteristics and crops of the areas where the biological agents are to be applied.

Cuba began replacing synthetic pesticides in the mid 1980´s, as a result of the advancement of biological pest control efforts, which preserves the local environment with a high quality product, it also avoids imports of chemicals, said the expert.

Ecologically sound methods of pest control? No expensive, imported proprietary crap to gunk up the environment while enriching only an undeserving few? Organic produce for EVERYONE?


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