In case you’re wondering…

…what the current death tolls in the Israel/Lebanon and US/Iraq wars are, clicky da linkies.

And prepare for a nasty shock.

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2 Responses to In case you’re wondering…

  1. The Right Is Wrong says:

    Wow, I didn’t even get though counting all the rows of Iraq deaths. There’s over 60, by my count.
    Looks like the Lebanese death toll is about 22 TIMES what the Israeli death toll is.
    I hate the MSM’s coverage of this stuff. I did a google search and, other than, I didn’t find ANY MSM link to the story about the UN observer post being bombed.
    I conjecture that my United States has one of the least objective media in the entire industrialized world.

  2. The Right Is Wrong says:

    Oops, my mistake. About 25 rows of Lebanese deaths to three rows of Israeli deaths, means about an 8:1 ratio, rather than a 22:1 ratio. I just subracted the rows rather than dividing them. My mistake.

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