Stoke up the fires of hell…

…because one big weenie is comin’ right down!

Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay, who was convicted of helping perpetuate one of the most sprawling business frauds in U.S. history, died Wednesday of a heart attack in Colorado. He was 64.

The Pitkin, Colo., Sheriff’s Department said officers were called to Lay’s house in Old Snowmass, Colo., shortly after 1 a.m. Mountain time. He was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:11 a.m. Lay, who lived in Houston, frequently vacationed in Colorado.


Pastor Steve Wende of First United Methodist Church of Houston, said in a statement that church member Lay died unexpectedly of a "massive coronary."

Wende said Lay and his wife, Linda, were in Colorado for the week "and his death was totally unexpected. Apparently, his heart simply gave out."

Lay was scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 23. He faced decades in prison.

Something about the timing of all this is awfully convenient…er, I meant to say odd. After more than a decade high on the hog and arrogant as hell about robbing the US public blind so his “warm, loving and Christian” wife could have an absurdly overpriced birthday–suddenly, just as he’s convicted but not yet sentenced, Kenny Boy snuffs it while on vacation?

Coronary, schmoronary. More likely he ODed on something that only makes it look that way.

Besides, we all know that Kenny Boy was distinctly missing something in the heart department. Remember this?

Fires of hell, prepare to swallow Kenny Boy. All his pretend religion won’t save him now. In the words of Enron Employee #2: “Burn, baby, burn!”

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