They forgot Poland!

A little gem of US hypocrisy, pointed out by “The International Forecaster”, Bob Chapman, via

The Bush administration has again tried to convince Russia not to sell arms to Venezuela. As part of a world tour, President Chavez was in Russia this week, striving for a seat on the UN Security Council and was meeting potential voters.

The US says the sales to Venezuela will upset the balance of power in Latin America … which is ridiculous.

Chavez was forced to purchase military equipment from other countries because the US refused parts for existing military equipment in Venezuela.

Chavez has already purchased 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, of which it has taken delivery of 10,000 and wants to finalize a $1 billion deal to purchase 24 Russian Sukhoi SU-30 fighter planes plus helicopters.

This week President Chavez visited the Kalashnikov plant in Russia.

Washington wasn’t listening last year when the Russians objected to 40 plus fighter planes to Poland.

Emphasis added.

Hey wingnuts, you forgot Poland!

And speaking of Poland, here’s that story. Scroll down to the last paragraph.

A tad bizarre, is it not? But I guess it’s okay to sell to Poland…after all, they’re ex-communist and still quite repressive. Chavez’s Venezuela is neither. Yet, for some reason, Poland is allowed to buy fighter jets and Venezuela isn’t.

Gotta love that commitment to democracy and free markets, eh?

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