Where’s Michelle Malkin?

I wanna rub her snotty little self-hating nose in this. From Raw Story (mit Video!), a lovely object lesson in what happens when a FOX propaganda hack–er, newsman–reveals a troop position in a war zone:

FOX HOST: Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, says, “Israel’s incursion into Lebanon could start a regional war.” We got David Lee Miller there, live, in central Gaza. David Lee, I see you have your flak jacket on. What’s happening?

DAVID LEE MILLER: Right now, Brian, fortunately, not a great deal. We’re on the outskirts of Abala[sic] but yesterday at this very location — in the city here — some 12 Palestinians were killed. At least half of them, according to local sources, were militants. One of them was also a policeman and this is normally a very busy roadway. This is Sala Adini[sic] street. This is the main artery that cuts through the Gaza strip. It goes from the very bottom to the very top of the strip. As you can see for yourself, it is a ghost town at this hour. Not a single car is on this road. The reason for that, the Israelis have effectively now, they have cut Gaza in half. There is a strong Israeli presence here. This is the first time that there Israeli troops in Gaza since the withdrawal last summer. And just over my shoulder, off in the distance — you can’t see it in camera range — there are Israeli tanks. There are Israeli tanks and there has been some military activity from shelling and for that reason, as you point out, we are wearing the flak jackets.


MILLER: …and despite this action in Gaza City, targeting the Foreign Ministry building that is all but gutted at this hour, militants in Gaza today did continue to launch rockets from the northern part of the strip, over the border into nearby Israeli towns and… whoa! We just got fired at. That’s the end of this [broadcast], I think. I don’t know if you guys can still hear us.

Emphasis added.

This is one of those “loose lips sink ships” moments that you simply MUST savor. It’s especially sweet since the Wingnut News Network itself–whose pundits have never lost an opportunity to slag presumed “traitors”–is now the “blabbermouth”.

Malkin, among others, has claimed that the NY Times staff, particularly editor Bill Keller, should be tried for treason because it allegedly gave away a national secret that actually was nothing of the sort. And just to drive her non-point home, she’s padded her shitty blog’s “articles” heavily with barely literate letters from other idiotic right-wing nobodies to prove it!

Oh, and she’s been on FUX Snooze umpty-ump times herself. That makes her one of the traitors, by her own logic. Guilt by association, and all that other chop-logic those wingnuts love to use when they ain’t got nuttin’.

How’s it feel to be in bed with the blabbermouths, Michie?

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