Boy bands suck in any language

Don’t believe me? I have proof.

First of all, a very lame German trio singing (???) “Where are you, my sunshine?” With a lisp that makes me cringe.

Then, the hilarious rebuttal.

Now, the lyrics of the original. Here’s my loose translation:


Where are you, my sunshine?

I’m looking for you, I miss you

I respect no one but you

Just so’s you know, I love you

Baby you’re the one that I’ve always dreamed of

Your lips taste like ice cream on a hot Sunday

Listen up, gotta tell you that you’re my world

If you’re not around, then I don’t wanna be here

It was love at first sight

Your respect for me is totally irreplaceable

We walked hand in hand

On the big seashore.

Girl, you’re the one that I want and need

Beside you I feel like a nobody

And if you think that this means nothing,

Then you’re wrong, because GIRL I LOVE YOU!


I miss your breath that caresses me

And seduces my heart

I don’t care what happens next

I’ll bring you heaven with stardust icing.

From the ends of the rainbow

I’ll bring you happiness from the angels

I can’t be without you anymore

We have to get together again.

(CHORUS, x4)

Official Barf Bag of the United States

After that, what is there left to say?


Never thought you’d have such a hit

Zero brains and full of shit

Listen up, I’ll tell you how it is

You’re all dinks to me, and your heads are empty

It was a shock at first sight

Your ego’s so huge, so “irreplaceable”

You and halfwittedness go hand in hand

Think I’ll drown myself down by the sand.

Ah, you talk nothin’ but shit, I swear

In your skulls there’s nothing there

The world doesn’t revolve around you tools

A high-priced video won’t help you.


Yes it’s me, your “sunshine”

Do you see me, buttface?

I don’t respect you in the least

Just so’s you know, I shit on you!


I’m hiding from you

And you won’t see me

You won’t find me

Doesn’t matter what you do

You deserve to get whacked in the mouth

Your asses should get kicked

To the end of the rainbow

Please stop singing, I can’t stand it

I don’t need you and your band-o-shit

CHORUS (repeat)

Listen up, I’m your “sunshine”

Don’t look for me, forget me please

I don’t respect you in the least

I’m so free, ah

I shit on you!

All three of you at the same time!

Yep, I’d say THAT answers the question.

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