In case you’re wondering why no posts lately…

…I’ve had a little family emergency.

Well, all right: NOT so little.

My mom had a nasty fall a few days ago while cleaning the kitchen window. The Muskoka chair she was standing on to reach the top of it (it’s huge) wasn’t designed for someone to use its armrest as a footbrace, apparently, because it gave way when she leaned her foot against it. She came down on her right arm, and now she has a comminuted fracture of her right wrist.

Of course, this is right in line with Murphy’s Law. My mom, like most people, is right-handed. If she’d been a southpaw, I guarandamntee you she’d have fallen on her left arm and broken THAT wrist instead. The emergency doc even told her that people tend to fall on the same side as their dominant hand.

So now I’m her right-hand woman, literally. There are many things she can’t do for herself until that wrist heals–everything from signing her name on cheques, to putting on her socks. I’m cooking and cleaning and helping her keep the house in order full-time right now, so pray that I don’t have any similar mishaps–one thing I refuse to do right now is windows!

(PS to my friends from MMTF: When I’m not too busy looking after my mom, I’m here. Since the Malloy forum mods have decided to play jackass, I’ve decided to hang with a cooler crowd. See you there!)

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5 Responses to In case you’re wondering why no posts lately…

  1. Wren says:

    Dang, ‘Bina. I know what it’s like. My mother fell on some ice in a parking lot a few years ago and hurt her back and hip. I had to take care of her for months. She could write her own cheques, but she was pretty much a shut-in all that time. After that, I wouldn’t even let her try to use a chair or stool to stand on. I made sure we got a good step ladder for that. Comes in handy for changing light bulbs too.
    I hope your mother makes a fast and complete recovery. At least she didn’t break anything worse like a hip or leg. That is a definite silver lining.
    Thanks for this post, ‘Bina. I was getting worried about you and was just about to e-mail you about this. I’m kind of sad about what happened at MMTF, but with a yellow dog Dem. as a moderator, it isn’t very surprising to me.
    Anyway, I will see you at UNN. Just registered there.

  2. Udokier says:

    Hey Bina,
    Here’s to your mom’s quick and full recovery. I had to care for my Grandma one whole summer after she broke her hip, and I know that it can be tough for everyone involved. Take care.

  3. tulsademo says:

    Bina Your mom is lucky to have such a great daughter like you. Lets keep fighting the fight.

  4. Corinne Ciofalo-Guell says:

    Hi ‘Bina,
    This is ccgandrt from MMMB. I wish your mother a quick and strong healing from her fall.
    ‘Bina, I signed up with in
    the beginning of August, made some 26 posts, received emails from the threads where I had posted
    and now I get the following error message and cannot get back on the website!
    I just tried your link and get the same message…I have tried
    google,, yahoo and
    altavista and keep getting
    this dumb error message!
    All the computers geeks I
    know, which are two people
    don’t know why.
    Help ‘Bina, I want to be with you all!!!!!

  5. Bina says:

    Hey, everyone…thanks for the kind words.
    Anyone who’s having trouble getting onto UNN, delete your cookies. That seems to help.

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