One year after Katrina…

…and what have we learned?

Well, for starters, that the BushCo Imperial Preznitcy is rather reminiscent of the royal family of France–heedless of everything, right up to its date with La Guillotine:

They Were Eating Cake

We also learned that the Marie Antoinette of the clan has rather limited perspective when it comes to what’s fun and what’s not:

Babs lets 'em eat cake

We learned that Auntie Condi cherishes shoes more than she does human life. This is entirely in keeping with her working for BushCo; they prize appearances more than they do a job properly done.

We also learned that there is a certain racist element to all the death and destruction–as well as the denial thereof. But the media coverage and a lot of conservative blogging was so transparently racist that a lot of us were sickened by it, blacks and whites alike.

Most of all, though, we learned who’s a real president, and who’s not:

Hugo Chavez on Katrina

I’ll bet there are plenty of New Orleaners and other storm-wracked victims who would gladly trade in Chimpy for Chavecito. Especially when you consider how the latter dealt with a flood tragedy early in his own presidency. Shit, even Chavecito’s evil commie pal Fidel deals with hurricanes better than the Chimperor.

Yes, we’ve learned a lot in the year since Katrina. Too bad BushCo hasn’t learned a fucking thing.

(PS: Happy Birthday to my dad. Last year we spent this day glued to the TV set in horrified fascination, and I said “Well, how do you like this for a birthday present?”–or something to that effect. All my dad could do was barely manage an embarrassed smile. His day was spoiled, and the news reports that followed when the big blow was over made it even worse. This year, I’ll be grilling some good steaks. And quietly praying we–meaning EVERYONE–won’t see another such ‘cane ever again.)

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3 Responses to One year after Katrina…

  1. Wren says:

    At least this proved to everyone that has a conscience that compassionate conservatism is dead in America. Of course, those that saw this disaster as something to be happy about are beyond hope to change. They are obviously the kind of people that would line up for work at an extermination camp.
    What made me sick today is that Bush is still referring to New Orleans as, “this part of the world.” >:[
    Mr. Bush said: “As this part of the world flourishes, and businesses grow, people will find work and have the wherewithal to rebuild their lives.” What a piece of garbage this president is. This proves to me that he has no plans to help New Orleans. If to him it is just, “that part of the world,” it’s none of his concern beyond his public image.
    Anyway, I hope you, your family and especially your father have a great birthday celebration and that Ernesto just blows away into the Atlantic.

  2. Paul Prescott says:

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  3. Bina says:

    Thanks, guys…
    My dad’s birthday passed uneventfully, except that the gas canister for the grill ran empty just after I put the prime rib steaks on (and before I added the T-bones.) Luckily, we had another in spare, so dinner wasn’t ruined!
    As for Ernesto, we’re soaking in it. But at least there are no gale-force winds this time, just the odd northeasterly gust that’s damn cold. Brrrrr.

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