We don’t know nuffin’ ’bout burpin’ no babies…

Or, apparently, what breasts are for.

Readers of a US parenting magazine are crying foul over the publication’s latest cover depicting a woman breastfeeding, with some calling the photo offensive and disgusting.

“I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine,” one woman from Kansas wrote in reaction to the picture in Babytalk, a free magazine that caters to young mothers. “I was offended and it made my husband very uncomfortable when I left the magazine on the coffee table.”

Her reaction was part of some 5,000 letters the magazine has received in response to a poll to gage reader sentiment about Babytalk’s August cover photo, which shows a baby nursing.

Several readers said they were “embarrassed” or “offended” by the Babytalk photo and one woman from Nevada said she “immediately turned the magazine face down” when she saw the photo.

“Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob,” the mother of a four-month-old said.

Another reader said she was “horrified” when she received the magazine and hoped that her husband hadn’t laid eyes on it.

“I had to rip off the cover since I didn’t want it laying around the house,” she said.

Yeah, heaven forfend that Hubby-Dear should see that and be so shocked, he’d forget to masturbate. Or worse, that he’d see it and not be able to stop!

Honestly. How did these puritanical women ever manage to get pregnant, never mind giving birth?

No wonder the mag felt compelled to publish a big piece on the difficulties of getting new moms to breastfeed.

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4 Responses to We don’t know nuffin’ ’bout burpin’ no babies…

  1. Wren says:

    ‘”Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob,” the mother of a four-month-old said.” LOL Sounds like she doesn’t even know that is what those “boobs” are there for. Got to give the right credit for being able to get women to hate their own bodies. It’s like this woman goes around saying “Eww, I’ve got boobs.” LOL

  2. Bina says:

    And in the crowning irony, those same Repugs are the ones who are most likely to go out and hire a stripper to shake her boobs (silicone) in their faces.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    See former comment, in the post above.
    Jeez, a nation of wierdos. Suprised they did not prosecute the magazine for ‘pedophilia’ LOL.

  4. jay Smithline says:

    With the advent of baby formula it seems lthe breast became a very sellable item.So much of the moral outrage of these prudes was injected into them to make the breast an air brushed sex toy not to be displayed for it’s real porpose.

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