Are right-wing talkers all raving asshats?

Do bears shit in the woods?

During an exchange regarding the Havana Summit of non-aligned nations on the September 15 edition of MSNBC’s Tucker, conservative Orlando, Florida, radio host Pat Campbell said that “Pat Robertson may actually have been on to something when he suggested possibly assassinating Hugo Chavez.” Throughout the segment, host Tucker Carlson suggested that both “the left” in general and Sam Seder, host of Air America Radio’s The Majority Report, in particular are guilty of “defending the enemies of America.”


CARLSON: Is it obvious now for the American left, which has supported Fidel Castro all these years, that the guy is kinda evil, actually? Are we willing to admit that or are we still talking about the educational gains or the Cuban health-care system? Is the left willing to admit it?


CARLSON: But that doesn’t change the fact that the left has not just argued against the embargo, it’s argued on Castro’s behalf for more than 40 years. And it seems to me it’s — there’s a come-to-Jesus moment — maybe that moment’s right now — where the left has to admit, ‘You know, we were wrong. We supported this fascist all these years. We’re guilty. We repent.’ I mean, why aren’t we hearing liberals admit that this guy’s a really bad guy?

Oh, I dunno…maybe because he isn’t? I mean come on: Fidel Castro, fascist? No, that would be his immediate predecessor–and a substantial percentage of the old boy’s current opposition. Including, as luck would have it, a certain known terrorist whom the US is cheerfully harboring right now, having found no other country willing to do so for an old CIA asset…

But then, isn’t it typical of a callow overgrown kid like the Bowtie Boy to confuse two very different ideologies in his clumsy efforts to step up a discredited propaganda campaign? (Gee, I wonder if he’s on the State Dept. payroll, too. Maybe they should start paying for his dancing lessons instead. He’s not only tone-deaf to politics, he’s also got no rhythm!)

BTW, that Pat Campbell, whoever he is, appears to be quite the cross-threaded wingnut himself. His blog is full of his immature, freepish tendencies, which he disingenuously styles as merely “politically incorrect”. Uh, no, dude–they’re not that. They’re fucking insane. Calling for the assassination of a political leader you don’t like, or even just “jokingly” approving of such a call, isn’t something an intelligent person would do–and to be painfully honest, it’s not the sort of thing I’ve heard anyone on the left (which is more intelligent on its worst day than the right is on its best) actually say regarding anyone, even Bush!

BTW, I doubt very much that Sam said the US gets 60% of its oil from Venezuela; more like 16%, which is still substantial. Can’t the fool at least attribute a statement to him correctly? Oh, that’s right…gotta keep stuffin’ that strawman!

I guess they’ll say and do anything, though, to convince their dwindling audience of…well, whatever it is they’re still trying to convince them of. And if it’s cowardly, bullying, childish, stupid or even MURDEROUS…well, so be it. If logic doesn’t work for you, try bullshit; if bullshit doesn’t work, try scare tactics! And if those don’t work, well–there’s always death threats.

Who’s the fascist again?

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