Bill Clinton rips FUX Snooze a new one

…over accusations that 9-11 was his fault. And it’s a beautiful thing to see. He’s cool, confident, factual as hell. He’s accountable and admits his mistakes (not to mention those of the FBI and CIA, which are crucial), but he doesn’t take any shit–or unfounded blame. He makes clear what really happened–and in so doing, totally owns the wingnuts’ collective ass. No wonder the host calls it “one of the more unusual interviews” that FUX has done–Clinton had him completely bulldozed by the end of it.

One Good Move has the video. (Part II is also available at the link.)

Highlights, courtesy of Think Progress.

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One Response to Bill Clinton rips FUX Snooze a new one

  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    Faux Snooze isn’t happy that people are seeing this video. They’re already going after people who are sharing it on the internet.

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