A quickie double-header

Nikolas Kozloff has responded, after some delay, to Roger Lowenstein’s NY Times hit-piece on him, his recently published book, and (predictably) its subject, Hugo Chavez. He takes on the talking points in the same substantive manner as I did some weeks ago. (Hey Nik, no fear, I got your back!)

The Venezuelanalysis piece also includes Ron Jacobs’s review (originally from CounterPunch) of Kozloff’s book–a much better one in every sense than Lowenstein’s little shop of errors. Factual, concise, objective and, most importantly, not reeking of the stuff that makes Lowenstein’s nose so brown.

Jeezus, why can’t the Times hire more real journalists and writers, and fewer apologists for everything that’s wrong with capitalism? I guess the leftish bias of reality is just too much at odds with their editorial line. After all, this is the same paper that savaged Bill Clinton with abandoned glee during the Lewinsky kerfuffle. It’s not as if we don’t know what side their bread is buttered on!

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