Crapaganda 3, Journalistic Integrity 0

I guess we now know where the Miami Herald’s priorities lie!

The shill-ridden paper fired three of its so-called reporters last month after it was revealed that they had been taking thick stacks of taxpayer money to produce anti-Castro propaganda for the US government. Now they’re back, and the paper’s publisher has quit in disgust:

Jesus Diaz, who had said the reporters violated the paper’s sacred trust, said his position was now impossible.

The Herald blamed the decision to rehire on poor internal communication about conflict-of-interest policies.

The issue dominated the Miami Herald’s front page on Tuesday.

The same was true last month when the paper announced in an equally prominent and public way that it was sacking the three journalists.

It said they had accepted in some cases tens of thousands of dollars to appear on radio and television programmes of TV Marti and Radio Marti.

In a statement on the paper’s front page on Tuesday, Mr Diaz, publisher and editor, said the events of the past weeks had made it impossible for him to remain in the post.

Those events included very public pressure from prominent Cuban exiles, who led a campaign in favour of the sacked journalists, which included a petition signed by hundreds of leading exiles.

The paper makes no reference in its statement about that pressure from the Cuban community.

Yes, that just about tells us all we need to know about the Miami Herald: its credibility is nil, because it’s squarely in the pocket of the right-wing Cuban mafia.

Adios, Maldito Herald.

And viva Jesus Diaz for having the integrity to get the hell off that sinking ship.

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