It’s even more disgusting than I thought…

Crooks and Liars has a video of Keith Olbermann and Sam Seder discussing the Rush Limbaugh’s nasty, crass, baseless attack on Michael J. Fox. Man, is it something. Olbermann and Seder are their usual awe-inspiring, bang-on selves. But the Pigman? He really takes the bagel. They have footage of him waving his arms and shaking his blubber all over the place as he mocks Fox’s involuntary, medication-related movements.

It’s gross, I warn you, but you had better see it so you know just how low the enemy will go.

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One Response to It’s even more disgusting than I thought…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Yes, Bina, this is disgusting behavior.
    Just goes to show that the rightwing are vindictive, selfish, hard-hearted reptiles.
    Rush is the most dispicable of characters: a guy beaten up as a kid that decided to become a tool of the same cynical, thug forces that caused him the origional misery.

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