Making monkeys of the Minutemen

Not that they needed much help, since they are all flying monkeys already. But the ever obliging Zapatista, Subcomandante Marcos, recently demonstrated just how stupid they are…and how futile it is to try to fence off the US/Mexico border:

Subcomandante Marcos crosses the border without permission

Narco News has some insight into what he’s really up to.

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3 Responses to Making monkeys of the Minutemen

  1. mike mertz says:

    I tend to think of indigenous peoples as elements of the ecosystem. I think this, via your provided link sums it up for me:COICA’s appeal— “We, the Indigenous Peoples, have been an integral part of the Amazon Biosphere for millennia. We have used and cared for the resources of that biosphere with a great deal of respect, because it is our home, and because we know that our survival and that of our future generations depends on it. Our accumulated knowledge about the ecology of our home, our models for living with the peculiarities of the Amazon Biosphere, our reverence and respect for the tropical forest and its other inhabitants, both plant and animal, are the keys to guaranteeing the future of the Amazon Basin, not only for our peoples, but also for all humanity.”—quotes added by me.

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Ha, ha! Too cool–Marcos scrambling over the border, transgressing the empire’s demarcation line. Ha, ha, ha!
    Today the US Congress passed the funding bill for this 700 mile-long fence.
    Of course none of this will solve the problems with immigration and jobs. Symbolism over substance–standard rightwing fare.

  3. Dana says:

    Ooooh I LOVE HIM! I want to have his baby!
    On another note, this whole idea of the fence is doomed anyway. The stupid Repigs voted to build the fence but when no one was paying any attention they voted against it’s funding. This is all they do, stir up racism and hatered to get their base all worked up in order to secure votes and then do nothing about anything. People don’t realize this but these immigrants put more into the economy than they take out and that’s a fact!
    Sorry for commenting on this so late Bina, but I was looking through your archives for some good Chavecito pics and came across Marcos…I LOVE him too! (:sigh:)

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