More proof that Chavecito is right about Guatemala

Let’s face it…if the US hadn’t put Guatemala up to it, why would they come out with this now–when they’re ahead in the balloting?

Guatemala’s foreign minister has said the country may withdraw its candidacy for a United Nations Security Council amid a row with Venezuela.

Gert Rosenthal said Guatemala may withdraw “in time” – but only if Venezuela did not win the seat.

The UN General Assembly has been holding votes since Monday to choose between the Latin American candidates.

Guatemala has regularly polled the most votes, but neither side has got the two-thirds majority needed.

“We will continue the battle and, in time, when we are absolutely convinced that we cannot continue, we will then meet with our regional group and search for another candidate,” Mr Rosenthal told a radio station according to news agency AFP.

Representatives of Latin American countries met on Wednesday to find a compromise in New York but their talks were not conclusive.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said he would never surrender in what he described as the battle against the United States and its proxy Guatemala.

And it looks like Chavecito was right. Guatemala lacks conviction in itself here, and no wonder. With its sickly human rights record and its long history of US-sponsored dictatorships, death squads and ethnic cleansing, it’s a joke candidate at best. The only reason it’s gotten as many votes as it has, is because there are that many nations still afraid of the US and the loss of its financial backing.

Freedom to vote one’s conscience is a beautiful thing–and who says money doesn’t corrupt absolutely? Chavecito was therefore also right when he said the devil had been to the UN before him and the podium still stank of brimstone. He wasn’t talking literally, but he was right nonetheless. The devil’s trademark is his habit of buying souls, after all. And in the sense that a country’s soul is embodied in its UN vote, the devil of the UN has bought up more than a hundred souls via the World Bank, USAID, the NED and the IMF. Chavecito’s good nose hasn’t steered him wrong yet–read The Chavez Code to see just how much of Venezuela’s soul the State Dept. has tried to buy in the past. Maybe the tide is finally turning, and that devilish business initiative is finally going down the tubes–let us pray!

On a personal note: A journalism school classmate of mine used to talk on and on about Guatemala–the poverty, the oppression, the yadda-yadda-yadda. You couldn’t have a beer with him and not hear about Guatemala this, that and the other thing. Everytime he did it, I used to groan inwardly, roll my eyes (also inwardly), and think, Oh Lord–Ken’s going off on Guatemala again.

Well, now I know where he was coming from. Guatemala is indeed a rat’s nest of human misery, has been for a long time, and yes, the US is indeed behind it just as Ken said. That’s why I’m gratified to see Chavecito fighting back on humanity’s behalf. If he prevails, the people of Guatemala too will win.

Ken, please forgive me for not “getting” it sooner.

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2 Responses to More proof that Chavecito is right about Guatemala

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Sabina, I was one of those ‘moonbats’ decrying US imperialism during my undergrad days. Of course, I was marginalized, ignored, viewed as vituperative, etc.
    Pointing up the injustice that is supported by the political status quo has never been popular in any society.
    You should find this guy and apologize for not taking him seriously years ago.
    I have travelled to Guatemala several times for extensive visits. The people are great, but the political oppression is palpable and the poverty is perverse.
    Guatemala is an example of the poverty and perversity of US goals in the region.
    The left have been so intimidated by US supported oppression that they are unorganized and very weak. The impunity on the part of the Gaut. military and the political/business elite is sickening.
    What was/is really grotesque is the incredible ignorance of European and US/Canadian tourists that visit the country. They don’t even bone-up on the country’s history save for the most superficial, uncritical information (propaganda).
    The children begging and sniffing glue is horrific. But the rightwingers don’t muster much outrage at this deep immiseration from a client-state. Hypocritical and predictable.

  2. Bina says:

    Well, Slave…Ken never knew I was anything less than totally sympathetic. (I’m actually very polite, believe it or not…yeah, I know, the wingnuts out there all think I’m dreadfully rude, but that’s because I don’t suffer REAL fools like them gladly!)
    I have to admit I learned a lot from Ken, even if I didn’t realize at the time how important it would become.

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