One sick Pigman

This bit of blather is exactly what we’d expect of the drug-addled Rush Limbaugh.

The Pigman went over the top again, attacking Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson’s Disease rather severely, as “either off [his] medication or acting” when he appeared in an ad supporting a Democratic candidate in Missouri for her stand on stem-cell research. In the video (available at the link), Fox can be seen wobbling back and forth in spasms characteristic of someone with Parkinson’s who isn’t OFF his meds, but rather on them so constantly that he now manifests another condition in addition to the Parkinson’s–namely, chorea.

Now, granted, the Pigman is no doctor, so he couldn’t have known that. But Christ, can’t that man at least grow ANY decency, if he can’t grow a working brain? Fox may have a bad case of Parkinson’s, but at least his thinking faculties are unimpaired. Which is more than one can say for Rush Limbaugh.

I sure hope for his own sake that Limbaugh never develops a condition that might require stem cell research in order to find a cure.

Oh wait…scratch that, he’s already got one. He went deaf a few years back as a result of recreational drug use, when he was taking massive doses of prescription painkillers containing oxycodone and hydrocodone! Yes, dittoheads, you’ve been scammed. Your hero is a junkie and has never been off the stuff, by the sounds of things.

Why? Well, I guess reality was just too painful for him to take anymore. Or maybe he just got sick of hearing his own pompous voice; that can happen. (Happens to me every time I hear him prating. Which is why I don’t listen unless, as here, I’m doing it in the combined interests of truth and science. But I do it the smart way–everytime he lies, I take a swig of beer.)

I’m sure those dope-shot auditory nerves could be regenerated by using stem cells. But since he’s out there bravely drumming up anti-stem-cell support in the interests of saving the cute little white (sniff) Snowflake Babies, we may never know.

At least, not as long as he’s alive.

I guess that’s the one bit of poetic justice in all this insanity.

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  1. Rush and his Republican buddies need a lesson in empathy. If a toddler as young as 2 or 3 can show empathy they can too, but then again, there’s not much you can do if the empathy-deficit is intentional, which seems to be the trait of people like him…
    ~ kitty ~

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