Working on a logo…

I’ve been messing around a bit lately, using this handy-dandy “official seal” generator. Since this site lacks a logo, and I have very minimal artistic and photoshopping skills, I figured this was as good a way to go as any.

Here’s my first attempt:

Working for Peace, Justice and Truth

I liked the old-time socialist look of it, but the masculine figure and the color scheme didn’t quite jibe with my own gender, or the overall look and tone of this site. So I picked a custom orange scheme instead, went with a Keltic knotwork border, and traded the worker for a sassy witch (who looks a bit like me, figure-wise!) and swapped the dead-serious motto for something more fun:

Where Bad Lies Go to Die!

I’m not sure whether I’ll go with this one yet, or just mess around some more.


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6 Responses to Working on a logo…

  1. Daniel Solis says:

    the witch one is cute, it kind of reminds me of the witch hunts the neo-cons are doing with progressives. you could open up paint and remove the url at the bottom though. :]

  2. Great one, Bina.
    But one Q: How were you able to import the witch emblem into your seal?? I didn’t see that image on the selection of emblems, and I thought that you couldn’t import other images there.
    I’ll probably create a seal of my own for the SmackChron blog soon.

  3. Wren says:

    The orange one fits you to a “t”, in my opinion. It’s a very nice design, too.
    P.S. My mother says its “sassy!” just like your personality. And that is a good thing. ^.^

  4. Erikthered says:

    Hiya, Bina!
    Noticed you weren’t at the other place anymore and after I read about why, I said “fuck ’em”.

  5. Erikthered says:

    On one hand, I’d say the top one because not just for the picture itself but because I prefer the color blue.
    On the other hand, being a guy and all…

  6. Bina says:

    Hey, y’all…
    Erik, good to see you again. If you’re wondering where else I’m posting now, pop in over here and say hi:
    Lots of nice progressive folks there. And trolls don’t get as long a leash as at Lord Nelson’s board.
    And I think I will go with the witch, albeit a size down (to fit the sidebar better) and with the URL on it whited out. Photoshop Elements, here I come…

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