Did Israel “mini-nuke” Lebanon?

According to Italy’s RAI News, it smells suspiciously like it…

The special report was triggered by the radioactivity measurements reported on a crater probably created by an Israeli Bunker Buster bomb in the village of Khiam, in southern Lebanon. The measurements were carried out by two Lebanese professors of physics – Mohammad Ali Kubaissi and Ibrahim Rachidi. The data – 700 nanosieverts per hour — showed remarkably higher radiocativity than the average in the area (Beirut = 35 nSv/hr ).

On September 17th, Ali Kubaissi took British researcher Dai Williams, from the environmentalist organization Green Audit, to the same site, to take samples that were then submitted to Chris Busby, technical advisor of the Supervisory Committee on Depleted Uranium, which reports to the British Ministry of Defense. The samples were tested by Harwell’s nuclear laboratory, one of the most authoritative research centers in the world. On October 17th, Harwell disclosed the testing results – two samples in 10 did contain radioactivity.

On November 2nd, another British lab, The School of Oceanographic Sciences, confirmed Harwell’s results — the Khiam crater contains slightly enriched uranium. Rainews24 also took a sample taken by Dai Williams for testing by the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Ferrara. The testing – which is still ongoing – found an anomalous structure: the sample’s surface includes alluminium and iron silicates, normal elements in a soil fragment. Yet, looking inside, estremely small bubbles can be found with high concentration of iron. Further testing will clarify the origin of these structures: what seems to be certain at the moment is that they are not caused by a natural process.

What kind of weapon is this? What weapon leaves traces of radiation and produces such lethal and circumscribed consequences?

Researcher Dai Williams believes this is a new class of weapons using enriched uranium, not through fission processes but through new physical processes kept secret for at least 20 years.

Physicist Emilio del Giudice form the National Institute of Nuclear Physics came to the same conlcusion: "There are two ways to explain the origin of the enriched uranium found in Khiam:

1) this material was present already in the structure of the bombs, but I am puzzled since one should explain the rationale of the use of a material which is both expensive and dangerous, because of its enhanced radioactivity, to people handling it, including military personnel of Israeli Army.

2) the enrichment has been the consequence of the use of the bomb; this possibility is hardly compatible with the known effects of conventional nuclear weapons and should imply that some newly discovered nuclear phenomenon could be at work.

According to my friend Kris, who posts as SensiScholar at Unfiltered News Network and is a former US Marine, this was indeed a “mini-nuke”–and deployed for no reason but pure malice:

We know depleated uranium was used because we saw the photos of the sabot rounds as they were being off-loaded. Considering sabot rounds are designed as anti-tank rounds, hence the need for depleted uranium to penetrate the armor, and we know Hezbollah doesn’t have any tanks I thought it was just cruelty to shoot that shit into place where people live.

IMO shooting sabot rounds at targets that aren’t armored tanks is a form of bio warfare because of the long-term health effects those munitions cause.

This bunker buster may have had depleted uranium…. only a shitload more of it than a 105mm tank projectile…. instead of 10lbs of it this might have had over 100lbs…. who knows…. the bunker buster itself weighs either 2000 or 5000lbs….

He later added:

What’s even sicker about depleted uranium rounds is I don’t think it’s “necessary” and here’s why….

The Army and Marines have an artillery piece called MLRS… Multiple Launch Rocket System. MLRS was nicknamed “steel rain” by Iraqis in Desert Storm because it would air burst and rain steel over combatants and innocents alike.

After considering collateral damage Lockheed Martin developed GMLRS with the “G” represented Guided. These 227mm rockets fly over 70km and have sensors and GPS that after the airburst these “bomblets” fall to earth scanning the ground in a circular motion to find “hard targets” and once found another rocket motor fires scattering submunitions onto the targets. Once above the targets the munition explodes and shoots molten copper that penetrates EVERYTHING and destroys tanks in seconds…. faster than white phosphorous.

Now, if the military can take out a tank with molten copper then why do we need to use depleted uranium and damage the environment in the area where the rounds were detonated?

I’m sure Lockheed- martin would be happy to sell our allies these rounds at $1,000,000 each… so why use a weapon with biological consequences that kills long after the combatants are taken out?

Cruelty is my guess.

Not exactly on the scale of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but still devastating and disturbing, especially since depleted uranium has a half-life of four billion years. The damage DU rounds can do is not exactly unknown, although its proponents are eyeball-deep in denial (remember all the apologists, government and otherwise, for Agent Orange? Same idea.) That’s not only biowarfare; that’s GENOCIDE against the Lebanese people.

And worthy of a war-crimes trial, too. Were I the prosecutor, I’d also be laying criminal charges against the makers of those rounds.

And were I the judge, I’d impose hefty punitive damages–enough to do to the war profiteers what they did to Lebanon.

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4 Responses to Did Israel “mini-nuke” Lebanon?

  1. Dave Ward says:

    Shit. I only needed to read the first paragraph of the first quote to figure out exactly what it is. The rest of it only showed that I was, unfortunately, right. Depleted Uranium that’s not-so-depleted. Deliberately.
    What’s the link to that site with the photos of the DU-deformed babies again? Somebody needs to force every single person who doesn’t oppose the use of DU to look at every one of those photos carefully. Up to their eyeballs in denial, for certain.
    It occurs to me that even if our wonderful current leadership suddenly developed a moral streak and decided to stand up against this, we’d have little to back up our words. This administration has, over the last four years, lowered the bar of moral international behavior so incredibly low… Until a few years ago, even in our worst moments, condoning or practicing torture was utterly unthinkable. Torture was something so terrible that only the most brutal, terrible, subhuman regimes would tolerate it. But now… Well, actually that hasn’t changed, has it? (If you know what I mean.)
    Hopefully the recent elections will mean that the lowering of the bar has ended, and that our own practices — as well as our expectations — will begin to rise back to the higher standards we used to hold.

  2. Bina says:

    Dave, here are some sites with pics and stories of DU-deformed babies:
    Isn’t it amazing how much more is known about the harmful effects of DU by people on the ground–doctors, nurses, patients–than the “experts” from afar who persist in denying that any such effects occur?

  3. Tonaroma says:

    man these Israelis are a pretty slimy bunch.

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