Festive Left Friday Blogging: The Last Man on Horseback

A musical tribute from Chavecito to his legendary great-grandfather Pedro Perez Delgado, a.k.a. Maisanta:

I don’t know what impresses me the most here: that Chavecito has honest-to-Goddess revolution in his blood (with great-grandpa a shit-disturbing guerrilla, it’s historically inevitable); the fact that he managed to commit Andres Eloy Blanco’s epic poem to memory (the original audio recording, as set down by Carlchucho, clocks in at over 20 minutes–and this one’s just under 10); the enormous lung capacity it takes to recite all this at the top of ’em (it indubitably helps that Chavecito’s a nice solid armful); or, when the camera pans over the theatre, you can see it’s packed to the rafters with happy Bolivarians who are obviously loving every bit of this.

Can you blame them?

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One Response to Festive Left Friday Blogging: The Last Man on Horseback

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, Chavecito’s preformance was simply astounding.
    The f’ing oppos have no chance. A politician like this guy, who have helped rewrite the deeper codes that define the nation’s identity, only come along every couple of hundred years.
    He truely brings together the ideological, mytho-poetic impulses that had formerly remained nascent, embryonic, and latent–he brings these to life and truely has changed the direction of history in Latin America.
    The naysayers are exposed as little minions of a frightened oligarchy.
    Yes, they should fear Bolivar’s sword and the cosmic justice that shouts ‘never again!’ and ‘patria o muerte’.

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